$Kibble Token

$Kibble is SHIBU Society’s official Utility & Governance Token. $Kibble Tokens can be accumulated daily by all Holders who have staked their SHIBU. For our 1st Collection you will receive illiquid $Kibble, which can be utilized in our Marketplace as a form of payment. After the launch of our 2nd Collection Liquidity will be placed for $Kibble which gives our Holders the capability of converting their $Kibble into Fiat. $Kibble will also be our Governance token in our DAO. There will be a total of $Kibble 8.500.000 tokens exclusively reserved as rewards for staking.


Max Supply : 10.000.000 $Kibble (100%)

Staking Rewards : 8.500.000 $Kibble (85%)

Liquidity : 500.000 $Kibble (5%)

Team : 500.000 $Kibble (5%)

Marketing & Collaborations : 500.000 $Kibble (5%)

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